About Us

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for visiting our space on the World Wide Web. Lots of us today compete to sell you something. Each with a USP of better products or service. Oh, and discounts and cashbacks to get you to buy from them – culminating in Rs.5,000 crores (USD750 million) of loss amongst the Big Three. Similar attempts by newer startups have resulted in their slow, painful death even after some tried to pivot their product line – a case of too little too late. How exciting. Premium brands have no such offers – not because they are immune to market fundamentals, rather they want the price to reflect their painstakingly #builtwithlove products.

Birth of the Retailplace
Ecommerce sites offer product placements in exchange for hiring the fomers’ storage space. How does that make any sense? Promoting a brand because the manufacturer pays you, is like hiring someone on recommendation rather than on credentials. So a marketplace is an avenue where you sell stuff that someone buys unaware of the quality of the product. But that’s okay since the websites have a transaction, and the higher that value, the ‘bigger and better’ your ecommerce site is deemed to be. The negative reviews, displeasure and disappointment of the customers are metrics that have no place in startup-and-funding speak. It’s good money, it isn’t value.

Serve thy patron
So we have turned the standards on its head. We decided not to be a marketplace – we don’t have sellers convincing our customers; that’s not their job, it’s ours. We won’t have the government breathing down our neck trying to enforce the 20 per cent ceiling. We decided that we aren’t going to bump up prices and offer unearthly discounts of 86 per cent only to cost the same as the department store near home. We have figured that the best way to make sure you enjoy your purchase is if we take your request and buy from distributors or manufacturers and sell them to you – think of it as Ecommerce À La Carte. Our dealer pricing will be lower and we resell with a minimum-margin that ensures our survival and nominal growth. Then we take the responsibility from their hands into ours. If we doubt a product or its quality, we won’t wrap it in shiny paper and subtly tell you that’s what you will get for that price. The joy of customer service isn’t served standing on the sidelines.

One small step
We are new to this as with every great company that has ever begun. We will serve our customers well, and make sure whatever we build has our signature on it. We have promised ourselves that the only way forward is a ‘No Compromise’ motto: Do it well or don’t do it at all. We know who our customers are: Some are quite knowledgeable that our site may appear novice to their tastes, while others may find it a bit overwhelming. But we have solutions, which we will incorporate in the upcoming versions of PCKart.IN including options like an advanced-user mode after login and forums with personal profiles.

Undying desktops
The story so far is, desktop personal computer sales are dropping at five or more per cent each year. Yet the Unicorns who had shunned desktop formats of their sites embracing mobile-only strategy, have embarrassingly reverted to the ‘old’ format. We have studied the underlying layer of desktop PCs: These are the heavy vehicles of the Internet highway. Desktops are hardy machines that process far more data than their efficient, ultra-thin laptops, for a given price. Apple Inc. still make desktops, and those machines people swear by. Thin Client setups are super-efficient and make sense to companies with large number of employees. Gaming witnessed a 138 per cent growth in 2015 – no real news appeared anywhere. The pivot is coming in about five years, and we’re quite poised.

Enter, Halcyon
Why buy brands when you can build your own. Really, why would you do that except if you aren’t an expert at assembling PCs. Or, you don’t trust the street PC dealer who reuses screws, substandard cables and bread ties to hold everything together. Or, you could just be busy. So give us the job to assemble you a beautiful PC, custom-built to your specifications. We will make sure to pay attention to detail as your favourite thing in the world. We will use original parts from manufacturers like Intel and AMD, to Seagate and WD, and Cooler Master and Corsair. There is no scope for duplicate parts – not while we stand by you.

You now have an ecommerce site that will soon grow into your personal space to buy, share, and more importantly, build something. We need your support to help establish a microcosm that means something to you in the endless web. A site you can depend on for providing custom solutions and assured delivery anywhere in India. Read our warranty policy as well as our other terms and conditions,  you will notice we are dedicated in building loyal customers and have interest in just one metric: Customer Satisfaction.

We are all customers to someone else. For now, you are ours.

Keep the faith,
Team PCKart.IN